e-mail hygiene

(e-mail HY.jeen)
Principles or practices that reduce spam and protect a computer from viruses and other threats embedded in or attached to e-mail messages. — adj.
Example Citations:
E-mail hygiene, storage and policy management, which have been largely ignored, have recently become business imperatives, according to industry research firm Meta Group.
The major thrusts of e-mail hygiene are spam management and security from viruses and other e-mail threats, including hacker attacks.
— "Practicing good e-mail hygiene," Computing Canada, September 5, 2003
Higgins said the viruses probably will be more of a nuisance than a problem. But he recommends visiting anti-virus Web sites and trashing e-mail attachments from strangers.
"It has nothing to do with the year 2000," he said. "Good e-mail hygiene says you don't open attachments from somebody you don't know."
— Christie Appelhanz, "Y2K not only concern in new year," Topeka Capital-Journal, December 25, 1999
Earliest Citation:
With virus activity reported up over the last three months, there's no guarantee that any measure you take will completely protect you. But if you practice good e-mail hygiene, odds are that you'll stay safe.
— Kevin Jonah, "Catch viruses," Government Computer News, June 1, 1999
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